Why Huddah could probably run for political office and win

Why Huddah could probably run for political office and win

Huddah is known for being a socialite and in Kenya that is often a euphemism for a lady of ill repute. Whatever the case may be, she is someone who has captivated the nation for years. You will struggle to find a single Kenyan who has access to the internet who doesn’t know her.

Huddah has been involved in scandals as well as nonsense beefs but what can be said about this little lass is that she is resilient. She has managed to bounce back every time life has had her flat on her back -get your minds out of the gutter.

When you think about it, Huddah is one of the personalities who would have a great chance at getting elected to political office if or rather when the fancy bites her. And she stands a great chance of actually giving any politician but mainly Esther Passaris a run for her money.

No really, Esther Passaris would really have to pull out all the stops if Huddah decided to vie for the Women’s Rep position.

You see, Kenyans love their politicians to be flamboyant and over the top and Huddah can satiate that need just as well as Mike Sonko does. She would be a lightning rod for all sorts of scandals and petty issues that would keep her electorate entertained. Let’s face it, Kenyans do not look for more in their political leaders.

Huddah would be able to get all the randy politicians falling over themselves offering themselves and their resources for her cause. Why? Because these lazy, randy bunch would be vying to unbutton her pants and the thought that helping her out would mean she owes them a favour is what will dominate a lot of their brains.

Why? Because Kenyans do not look for more in their political leaders.

Also, a lot of male Kenyan voters do not understand the role of the Women’s Rep and often, they vote for whoever has the prettiest face. facts. And as a result, were Huddah’s face to appear on the ballot, many would vote for her either because they recognize her face or out of lust. Either way, I would bet the house that she would win. Why? Because Kenyan voters often do not have an agenda for their political leaders.

And the final reason why Huddah would win the Women’s Rep seat is because that seat is as useless as most of the politicians holding office in Kenya. So if we are going to keep the seat, it will naturally attract more useless political leaders and let’s face it, Huddah does not have an agenda.