Why Hamisa and I don’t beef – Wema Sepetu comes clean

Why Hamisa and I don’t beef – Wema Sepetu comes clean

Talk of maturity and we have to bring in Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu. Women are known for not supporting each other, let alone even share the same man.

The two Tanzanian beauties seem to have completely settled their differences after a recent Instagram post that rattled their fans.

During a presser in Dar Ex Salaam, the award-winning actress clarified that she will never consider Hamisa to be her enemy or even beef with her.

Main reason being – they were childhood friends long before Diamond came into picture.

Someone like Hamisa, I knew her from long time ago. I knew her way before she even met Diamond. I knew her from childhood.

Yes, they have had their differences but that is not going to destroy the respect Wema has for Diamond’s baby mama.

Having in mind that none of them is with Diamond and especially since that was the past.

We had our issues and we were not okay, but you know life has to move on. I am not with Diamond, she is not with him. So I don’t see why we should beef.

However, in regards to Chibu’s Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna, Wema did not say whether she plans to befriend her as well.

Actually, when asked, she just ignited a laugh.


Early in the week, Wema Sepetu while donning a dress from Hamisa’s Mobetto Styles, gushed over the piece of art, admitting that the dress was of quality and trendy.

Could be in a bid to advertise the commercial model’s business but let’s just be honest, to find a woman who can sincerely promote the business of a fellow woman especially one you rubbed shoulders with, is nothing easy.

But Wema Sepetu whole-heartedly did it.