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Tazama simba Bob Junior auawa na wanae akipigania utawala

Tazama simba Bob Junior auawa na wanae akipigania utawala

Tazama simba Bob Junior auawa na wanae akipigania utawala


Dar es Salaam. A famous lion in Northern Tanzania who lived in the Serengeti Park, ‘Bob Junior’ has been killed after being attacked by a group of three lions who had a long-term plot to overthrow his rule.

The BBC Swahili channel has reported that the asylum authorities in the country have confirmed the death that occurred last Saturday.

The three lions who once tried to establish a kingdom were brought up by ‘Bob Junior’ since they were small but attempts to make a coup several times to overthrow the rule of Bob Junior were not successful and instead they were driven to those areas.

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Simba ‘Bob Junior’ with the help of his brother, Joel ruled for more than five years and became one of the Simbas who ruled for the longest period before the revolution.

The Senior Conservator of the reserve, Fredy Shirima has explained that the incident is natural in conservation but also happens more to Lions who hold the fort against others who want the fort.

Shirima said, “Bob Junior was killed on March 11, attacked by three lions who were part of a group of seven lions who were planning a revolution.

“…Usually we cannot interfere in the lives of wild animals… so what happened was planned among them if it was a revolutionary war and lions have that habit where when the ruler gets old, they are taken out by force,” he explained.


The origin of Bob Junior’s fame

According to the authorities, it is a lion that has earned a reputation for being gentle and calm when seeing tourists.

Shirima says, ‘Bob Junior’ also had unique characteristics such as having more fur than other lions but attractive in appearance and calm when photographed.

Tourism stakeholders are saddened by the death of the lion, citing him as the best and calmest lion ever seen in the Serengeti Park.

According to various reports, Tanzania is the country with the largest number of lions than any other country in Africa.

It is estimated that there are 15,000 lions with the Serengeti reserve alone having about 3,000 lions.